Old Town Library - Use It or Lose It!

In its 2008/9 budget Swindon Borough Council proposed to close the Old Town Library. After a spirited fight by local residents, it has been agreed that it will remain open until at least April 2009 but it will only remain open beyond then if its use is significantly increased. So the message is 'Use it or Lose it'. Residents are asked to visit it soon, see what it has to offer, and use it in future. (The definition of 'use' the Council is measuring is getting books out - not just visiting. It offers a full inter-library loan service.). Opening hours are:

Monday: 10AM - 1PM
Tuesday: 10AM - 1PM, 2PM - 8PM
Friday: 10AM - 1PM, 2PM - 5PM

If you wish to contact Old Town Village about the Old Town Library, then click on this link (you may have to allow pop-ups for this site): libraryoldtownvillage.co.uk.

Friends of Old Town Library

Friends of Old Town Library has set up a new website, to encourage people to use and enjoy this valuable amenity. There are writing competitions for both children and adults to submit their own stories and book reviews, information about events designed to boost attendance at the library, a gallery of photographs, and more....

Schools Art Competition
Friends of Old Town Library are running an Art Competition for Schools. 447 entries have been collected from Lawn, Lethbridge, King William Street and Commonweal Schools; and judging begins on 9th April. The prize-giving (prizes to be awarded by the Mayor and Mayoress, Coun and Mrs Michael Barnes) will take place at the Arts Centre on 30th April at 4.15PM (for tickets: apply to Shirley on the Contact Us page of www.friendsofoldtownlibrary.co.uk). There are lots of splendid prizes, all donated locally.