Dao Yin & Tai Chi Fan Seminar

Dear Students, Please note that these 2 routines I have never taught before and will be introducing the essential elements of these 2 wonderful forms. We will be exploring Dao Yin for the Stomach, which is a remarkably soothing Qigong that bathes the system in a wonderful peaceful sensation. We will also be introducing the 16 step Tai Chi fan routine, intially taught to me by Wushu Master Chen Lei. I am now studying the finer points with my teacher Andrew Austin (who has taken this beautifully graceful routine to the next level!)

Dao Yin for Health, Harmony and Empowerment Seminar & Introduction to Yang Taijishanzi (Tai Chi Fan)

Saturday June 7 2008.
Location: Christchurch Leisure Centre, Cricklade St, Old Town in Swindon.
Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm.
Cost: GBP23.00

Anyone interested in the Seminar, World Tai Chi Day or attending any of Grahams Tai Chi classes can find out more by visiting his website at www.grahampritchard.co.uk

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