Old Town and Okus 20MPH Zone

Click here to download the "Old Town 20 Zone" Poster (77KB pdf)

Old Town and Okus 20mph zone - the story so far.......
From 20mph zone, reduced to 20mph limit, reduced to short-term 20mph "experimental" limit implemented with least possible signage and no traffic-calming measures.

£120,000 Section 106 money is earmarked for traffic calming measures.
Swindon Borough Council contract Halcrow to carry out a traffic study - to fully involve residents.

Consultation results - 78% of residents want a 20MPH "ZONE".
2007 - Summary of Residents Views from Consultations (701KB pdf)
20mph Zone "Final Concept Scheme" (905KB jpg)

Thoughout 2008, there was no known action by Swindon Borough Council or contact with residents.

Councillor Brian Mattock confirms a 20MPH "LIMIT" to be introduced across Okus and Old Town.
July 2009 - Police Letter: Objection to Effectiveness of Proposed Design (30KB pdf)

We have a short-term 18-month 20MPH "EXPERIMENTAL LIMIT" on unconnected roads. Residents complain that traffic speed has not reduced.
Council has not applied for a grant to double the funds available - reasons unknown.

If you wish to contact Old Town Village about The Old Town and Okus 20MPH Zone, then click on this link (you may have to allow pop-ups for this site): 20zoneoldtownvillage.co.uk.